2018 Was Epic!

While it was a little quiet in Digital Ink land the past couple of weeks, I got the chance to take a look back at our 2018 and see just exactly what we accomplished. 10 website launches. 50+ clients supported. 100+ designs for marketing collateral, events, rebrands and more. There’s two of us. Here’s a … Read More »

There’s nothing more frustrating than prepping a piece of content marketing, publishing it, and sharing it on social media only to find … it’s showing the wrong preview image. Entering open graph data — title, description, and image — should be a part of your checklist when publishing content. But what happens when your custom … Read More »


The day we’ve anticipated for years is here. Google’s latest update to its Chrome browser, version 68, has launched. Why does that matter? If your website doesn’t have an SSL certificate (and is http instead of https), your users are going to see a big, fat ugly message that your site is NOT SECURE. Here’s … Read More »


After teasing a name change from IHOP to IHOb — including a dramatic flipping of the “p” in their logo to a “b” — the company formerly known as the International House of Pancakes reveled their new name as the International House of Burgers. All across the Internet, there was a collective … “Huh?” It … Read More »

This is the second post in our Common Design Mistakes series. The first post focused on Typography Mistakes. High-quality graphics are one of the most important elements of strong design. In this era of 4K displays and retina screens, getting your graphics right is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, not everyone is a trained designer … Read More »

Pingdom Uptime Monitoring

Websites go down. It happens. Whether it’s a massive influx of traffic that your server isn’t prepared for, an issue with your web hosting, or potentially a security issue, websites crash. When your website crashes, there are two important things: That you get it back up and running as soon as possible That you find … Read More »

I talk to a lot of business owners and marketing executives about making their website better. In fact, it’s probably the most frequent conversation I have with potential partners and clients. Here’s what they want to know: How can I get more customers from my website? Why is my website so slow? What best practices … Read More »

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