There’s something about a carousel — you can also call it a slider — that’s so appealing when doing a website design. Based on my experience working with clients of all shapes and sizes who are considering using a carousel, it’s often the idea that multiple marketing messages can be used in one, large, above-the-fold … Read More »

This post was originally published on LinkedIn Pulse. As WordPress has become more and more popular across the Internet — more than 26% of websites online are powered by it — an entire ecosystem of products and services has popped up to support it. From WordPress-specific hosts like WP Engine to WordPress-focused creative and digital teams like ours, there … Read More »

Your website isn’t just viewed on desktops and laptops any more; in fact, you may be getting more mobile visitors than desktop traffic. That’s why responsive design — the ability to shift the layout of your site depending on the device it’s being viewed on — has long been our standard practice, and weighs in … Read More »


As we continue to grow the Digital Ink brand, Forrest and I have been looking at a lot of websites of other creative and digital teams. There are a lot of really unique websites out there, especially from agencies that are pushing the envelope with both design and technology. But as I look at more … Read More »

Speed matters. Your users aren’t going to sit around and wait forever for your site to load. Google’s going to ding your search engine rankings if you have a slow site. When you get a huge influx of traffic, the inability to load your site quickly could cause your server to crash. A slow website … Read More »

I’ve soapboxed time and again about what is SEO and how whenever we get asked if we “do” SEO, I end up having an in-depth, educational talk about the many aspects of improving your search engine optimization. At Digital Ink, we don’t manage Adwords campaigns. We don’t create content for our clients. And we don’t … Read More »


This is the ninth in an irregular series of blog posts about the tools we use to design, develop and maintain websites and the digital products we create. We’ve previously written about Soliloquy and Cycle2 sliders, the Pingdom Website Speed Test, Sprout Social, Chrome Developer Tools, Free Stock Photos, Google Webmaster Tools and Font Awesome, Glyphicons, and Dashicons, and the … Read More »

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