While we see hundreds of logos on a daily basis, how many do we know the origins behind? This informative guide will provide you with a quick run-down about the history of some of the most recognizable icons in the world.   To embed this infographic on your website, use the following code: <a href=””><img … Read More »

We just went through the process of updating our branding for our social media accounts (Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Facebook) and, as it seems to always happen, the image sizes are different than the last time we did it. It’s one of the more annoying aspects of maintaining a presence on multiple social media sites (and … Read More »

Infographic: Making Your Website Accessible

We recently had an amazing post from Sharon Rosenblatt of Accessibility Partners about the importance of making your website accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. (If you haven’t seen it yet, go read it now.) She lays out all of the reasons why it’s worth investing the time and effort in making your site … Read More »

Have you ever craved a certain food only to arrive at that restaurant just minutes after it closed? You can view the display case from the closed door, but there’s absolutely no way in. Insanely frustrating, this is a real experience to 20% of Americans with disabilities who use the Internet. While the Internet is … Read More »

Given all of the Tools We Use posts we’ve written, it’s surprising we haven’t yet touched on Advanced Custom Fields — one of the most powerful and important tools we have in our arsenal. Long story short (or expect to read about it an upcoming post), Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) allows us to build intuitive … Read More »

Pop-ups. There’s not a technology on the web that is more hated than the dreaded pop-up. No one likes them. Literally. Pop-up ads became popular in the late ’90s and early 2000s as a way to ensure advertisements would be seen by users, especially as it became apparent that banner blindness was indeed real. They … Read More »

Every so often, we’ll hear from a potential client that their website is just … so … slow. Whether it starts loading and hangs mid-way through the process, or just seems to take a long time to load anything, a slow website isn’t just annoying to your users – it can legitimately hurt your bottom … Read More »

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