Do You Know Your Site’s Goal?

What’s the purpose of your Web site? No, really.

In 10 words or less, can you explain

  • why you have a Web site?
  • where you’d like to be in one year?
  • what’s your plan for getting there?

If you can’t, you’re in trouble. You’re not destined for failure — yet — but you’re certainly on the wrong track.

Too often, Web sites get started and run for the wrong reasons.

“I want to have a blog.”
“We needed to put something up.”
“They’re doing it, so we have to.”

We’re all guilty of this, to some degree. I’ve started a ton of Web sites on a whim with no real long-term goal — and they’ve all landed in the graveyard.

So take ten minutes, right now, and determine your site’s goal. Some options include:

  • to sell a product or service
  • to deliver an information product, like news
  • to build a brand

Be honest with yourself. It’s OK to admit that your blog (while well-intentioned to empower your readers) is really about selling a product. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Ask yourself this:

If you had to shut down your Web site today, what would you want in return?

That’s your goal. Go out and reach it.

Jason Unger
About Jason Unger
Jason Unger is the Founder of Digital Ink, the creative and digital team that builds brands and helps companies grow. Based outside of Washington, D.C., Jason has done it all, from website strategy, design, development, troubleshooting, maintenance, content and marketing.