Bay Area Circuits Digital and Graphic Design

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Design Development

Bay Area Circuits, which has been manufacturing printed circuits boards in Silicon Valley since 1975, needed to integrate their new branding into their corporate site, their e-commerce store, social media profiles and into their tradeshow materials. We designed a new look and feel for their sites and integrated it on top of their current infrastructure to save time and money, built graphics for their Twitter and Facebook profiles, and designed a new tradeshow booth and podium used at industry events like PCB West.

Digital Ink has been providing Bay Area Circuits with website management and graphic design services and we couldn’t be more satisfied with their efforts. They’ve done a fantastic job with unifying the branding between our corporate site and our eCommerce store and have also provided us with digital and print assets used in advertising and at trade shows. As a growing agency we’re always pleased to know that Digital Ink is available when we’re ready with new projects and they always take the time to understand our requirements to minimize project timelines. I highly recommend the Digital Ink team to anyone in need of similar services.
- Brian Paper, Chief Operating Officer, Bay Area Circuits